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CAST: The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit
CAST is a software toolkit to support the developments of intelligent systems based on a space of possible architecture designs. We have developed the CoSy Architecture Schema (CAS) to describe this space of designs. The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit (CAST) is a software implementation of this schema designed to allow researchers (primarily in the fields of AI and robotics) to develop instantiations of the schema.

CURE: simultaneous localization & mapping
The CURE software package provides implementations of many of the algorithms used at the lower levels of the navigation system in the Explorer scenario in CoSy. It provides the means for feature based SLAM and localization, obstacle avoidance, autonomous exploration, detecting and tracking people using laser data, etc.

Peekabot: map visualization
In the explorer system this tool allows us to visualize the spatial representations of the robot which is very helpful for debugging and illustration of the spatial knowledge. It started as a student project to provide a new visualization tool to replace the tool RoboLook used during the first years of the project. To quote its main website, ``peekabot is 3D visualization tool aimed at aiding roboticists in their daily chores''.

SitDial: Situated Dialogue Processing
SitDial provides a basic class library with representations and functions for situated dialogue comprehension, planning and realization; it can also turn these into components, to integrate dialogue into a CAST-based cognitive architecture. The software also provides tools for visualizing and debugging aspects of a dialogue system, and fundamental resources such as grammars, and data sets for training statistical models.

Zora: programs for robotic manipulation
The ZORA package contains programs for robotic manipulation, like a simulator with a GUI and a console application to be run on the real robot.


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