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The PlayMate: An Object Manipulation Scenario


Sophisticated interaction with objects is one of the activities that distinguishes intelligent creatures. Robots that are to work in human environments will need to be able to manipulate objects, to learn about their properties, and to do so in conjunction with humans. This poses not just problems in manipulation, but significant challenges in planning, language, learning, and vision. In particular it poses very difficult problems in the area of architectures. How should a robot that has experience of an object via vision, manipulation and dialogue integrate the information from those different modalities? How can such a robot plan purposeful activity, but be flexible enough to cope with human interventions?

In this scenario we have not focussed on research in manipulation, but on the system level issue raised by a collaborative manipulation task. Our work includes advances in vision for object categorisation, part based recognition of objects, human robot interaction, planning and execution monitoring, and architectures and representations for binding them together.


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